More Information About Our Reflux Program

I’m not a medical doctor or health professional and everything is just based on my own research and experience over the years since I was diagnosed with LPR. This means I’m just talking to you as a friend, trying to help you as good as I can

The "good" thing about Silent Reflux / Gerd / LPR is, that there are people everywhere with these symproms and so you can find support and assistance almost everywhere. The bad thing is, that almost nobody has a real solution and doctors seem to be more interestend in keeping Reflux patients as easy regular customers instead of being keen on healing them. Prescribing PPI will keep them a patient for lifetime because you will make you adict to them and the side-effects are almost endless.

I got diagnosed with LPR in summer 2016 after I got tachycardia so strong, that I was not able to sleep for almost 2 weeks additionally to all the pain. So the doctor put me on PPI, but I rejected after reading the leaflet and so I got an H2 blocker, which helped, but still seemd to have huge side-effects on the long-term. So I figured out, that this was nothing for me and so I started to try every home remedy on this planet, which was available for REFLUX. I was peeling vegetables for weeks, drinking disgusting cabbagge smoothies and smelled like a skunk. So I figured out that the solution has to be efficient, low effort, cheap and with no side-effect. Quite a challenge!

After about 1 year of research I found the crucial hint on a instruction leaflet of a product, which was actually not working for LPR, but I was close and so I only had to find the perfect product, matching to these instuctions and to optimize the application to make it even more effective.

For me the result exceeded all my expectations and so I got first resultas after about 3 days and was free of symptoms after about 1 week. Now I'm on a level, where I can eat and drink literally everything like coffee, cookies, chocolate, ice-cream, tomatoe puree, onions and so on without any symptoms and I can skip my therapy for a couple of days without any problems ... but I keep going and some day I hope that I will fully cured.

I could not beliefe that I was the first person, finding this therapy, but it really seems to be the case and so I decided to offer this unique treatment for a cheap price to everybody. The therapy is really easy and takes only a few minutes per day, but most people seem still to have some questions and need some support and hence I decided to ask for a small compensation instead of giving it for free. This gives me the time to provide you the needed (life-time) support!

Many people are asking, why I decided to 'monetize' this program and not to giving out the information for free. This is an important and really good question

The answer is this:
1st: The solution is easy, but 90% of the people still have lots of questions about how, when, how often and so on and monetizing gives me a small compensation to explain in chat and by e-mail as long as you need to fully understand and get the most out of it.
2nd: I'm still doing lots of research about LPR / Silent Reflux and I'm trying all available products and possible therapies out there and this pays me for the products I have to buy. The benefit is that you have life-time free updates and as soon as I find something that works, I will update the document and you can (re-)download and enjoy all the additional benefits.

So it's time to act now. Don't wait, because LPR / Silent Reflux is a serious disease and it even could cause Esophageal Cancer. First it starts with GERD, then when you ignore it, it can turn into LPR / Silent Reflux, then cause Barrett's esophagus (also called Barrett's syndrome and this can eventually lead to Esophageal cancer. This does not have to happen, if act now and start with this program right now. It shows a natural way, how to get rid of this disease. None of the treatment recommended need to be approved by an expensive doctor and you don't have to buy expensive medicine. Most of the stuff you can buy at your local food market or order online. Since same treatment does not work for everybody, there are differnt solutions described, which finally lead to a life back with no symptoms at all.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write us an email.