Silent Reflux LPR


Best Therapy On The Market

There are basically 4 types of treatment available:

  • Surgery like Nissen fundoplication, LINX and others: expensive, risky and without much success. Some people have even experienced heavier symptoms than before surgery. Most are irreversible.
  • Reduce acid levels in your stomach (PPI, Alkaline Water, Baking Soda, Gaviscon®, Maalox®, Gelucil®, Mylanta®): This will ruin your digestion, reduce the amount of absorbed vitamins and minerals (e.g., iron and B12) and compromise your overall health in the long run.
  • Radically change your diet to alkaline and eliminate all sugar, caffeine, spices, alcohol and basically everything that makes it fun to eat. This can also be very costly, take lots of time to prepare and cause some nutritional deficiencies.
  • Home Remedies that take too much time, are cumbersome and usually not very efficient. Some can even make you smell like a skunk (e.g., green cabbage).

  • None of these are really tempting. So we took number 4 (Home Remedies), did lots of research and made it easy, cheap and efficient.

Why Choose Us?

  • - No subscription - just a one-time payment
  • - Fast-acting (symptoms gone in 1 week)
  • - NO special DIET needed!
  • - NO side effects
  • - Unique secret solution
As a rule of thumb in life - whenever you can't find an answer - FOLLOW THE MONEY !

Does it benefit a doctor when he cures you? Actually, no. He will lose his customer. Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) are the best way to create a lifelong patient: they are addictive, and the side effects are so bad that the expenses for the patient and the income for the doctor will steadily increase. Also, most doctors never suffer from Silent Reflux/LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux) and hence don't know how these terrible symptoms feel.

On the other hand, my program is a one-time payment. There's no reason for me to ever ask for more money from you -- because you get all the information right from the beginning -- unless you want me to ship specific goods for treatment from the US. This is not necessary for the program, but I can do it for a very reasonable fee.

I've been personally affected by the pain of this terrible disease, feeling helpless and hopeless with no clue how to get rid of these almost endless symptoms. Hence, it's become my personal goal to help everybody manage and overcome Silent Reflux/LPR."

It's so easy!

Just go to the store, click on "purchase" and make the payment on PayPal with your existing credit card. You will be able to download the needed document (which is in English and German) right away. It has all the information on how to start your therapy right now and the links to order the products. Most customers just order the one main product and see excellent results. Some have to order 2 or 3 products, but they are all inexpensive and don't need a prescription. In most countries you will even be able to buy from local stores. If you have any questions about the products or program, our support team will be happy to assist you.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Julia Dickens

I'm so grateful that I've found this program that helped me right away. Ordering the cheap stuff was very easy and after starting with the therapy, symptoms started to clear away after only a few days. Paypal payment was easy and support was great so far. Will definitley recommend to friends with the same problem.

S.D. (20-Year Professional Opera Singer)

Great news! It really works! I've got my voice back. I can sing! So happy! Talking to doctors has been pointless, as even if they admit to LPR as a condition they also back off it and think it's reflux again and can't really differentiate between normal reflux so throw all those meds at it. Even this week I had a medical review and they gave me more Gaviscon advance and when I said I've stopped omeprazole they panicked then threw me a new one, Zantac. I've not taken it and won't. They did look at me weird when I said your therapy has helped me. LOL. Anyway thanks for your ongoing advice!

Diane Johnston

After spending months and months going from doctor to doctor with high bills and no real solution (even PPI did not help), I luckily found this page, where I finally got help from somebody who knows how this terrible thing feels. I was so glad to see that the product I need does have worldwide shipping and so I got it.